Fujiaire Wall Mounted Split Type Air-Conditioner
The Silvermoon Series

A simply effective bacteria eliminator


  • All specifications are subjected to change by the manufacturer without prior notice.
  • Sound Pressure Level is measured in sound room. Somehow during actual operation, the result will be higher as a result of ambient condition.
  • Nominal cooling & heating capacities are based on the following conditions:

Cooling : 27C DB / 19C WB Indoors, 35C DB / 24C WB Outdoors

  • Minimal, clean-cut lines with a silver-sheened body
  • Automatic Horizontal & Vertical Swing design for wider coverage
  • With Invisible LED Display

  • Effectively filters out bacteria with the Anti-Bacteria Silver-Ion Filter
  • Built-in Ioniser neutralises harmful ions & clears away dust, pollen & bacteria
  • Turbo cooling - strong airflow to cool warm spaces quickly