Full Compliance Scroll Compressor

High Efficiency
Possesses a high Energy Efficiency Ratio, delivery exceptional performance with a reduction in energy consumption.

Smooth Operation
During operation, vibration of the unit is minimised with a low-pulse discharge and valveless design.

Great Reliability
Scroll members are able to separate in the presence of liquid refrigerants or debris, eliminating high stress in members, in turn improving the reliability of the compressor.

Increased Durability
The scroll compressor has 70% fewer moving parts than other reciprocating compressors, translating into better durability and decreased maintenance costs.

Silent Operation
With less moving parts the scroll compressor functions quietly.

Fujiaire Inverter Technology

Minimise Cost by 50% with our Inverter Technology

Fujiaire’s Intelligent Environment Control System

Fujiaire’s Intelligent Environment Control System possesses the flexibility to switch between cooling and heating to answer your building’s requirements. Easily adaptable to any building plan, the system benefits from a customised installation that will accommodate any layout.

The system is also capable of identifying immediately the exact occupancy for each room and adjust its delivery accordingly, ensuring a system that functions at the ideal capacity for any moment.

Fujiaire Multi Split System

Fujiaire’s multi-split system allows for flexibility of use. Up to 4 indoor split units can be attached into a single outdoor unit, functioning as a customised cooling system for your home.

The Fujiaire system is able to detect the presence of individuals in each room and will adjust the power management accordingly to suit each unit’s demands.

Fujiaire’s Air Cleaning Technology

Ionizer System
Eradicate airborne particles with the use of negative ions. Highly unstable and reactive, these ions will continually attach to airborne particles. Weighing down the particles, which will eventually perish to the ground. Airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi are not spared as the ions instantly oxidize the germ’s protective walls, killing them instantaneously.

UV Air Sterilizer
Bacteria, harmful micro-organisms, haze, poor air circulation, compounded all these conditions pose a threat to health. The built-in UV air sterilizer system eliminates such unsavoury conditions with UV rays, destroying those infectious creatures straight out of the air, leaving the surrounding air quality far more hospitable than the great outdoors.